Facebook Wants Internet for Everyone

Getting online is simple nowadays. Long ago are the days of dial-up internet. Today one can access the World Wide Web from their phone, computer, or car but the term World Wide comes with an asterisk. According to the World Bank, about 5 billion people still do not have access to the internet.

This provoked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to start internet.org, a campaign to make internet accessible to everyone. During an interview with CNN last year, Zuckerberg said he wanted everyone to have access to the same things those with the internet already have. “We want to make it so that anyone, anywhere — a child growing up in rural India who never had a computer — can go to a store, get a phone, get online, and get access to all of the same things that you and I appreciate about the Internet,” he said. “They’re going to use it to decide what kind of government they want, get access to healthcare for the first time ever, connect with family hundreds of miles away that they haven’t seen in decades.”

But how exactly could Zuckerberg pull off this ambitious plan? The answer may be drones.

Facebook is currently in the negotiating stages with drone developer Titan Aerospace. For $60 million the social media giant plans to use drones to beam WiFi signals to underdeveloped parts of the world, helping fulfill Zuckerberg’s goal.

The Titan Solara 60 drones will be solar powered and have the ability to fly above 65,000 feet and stay in the air for 5 years. Titan Chief Executive Vern Raburn likened the Solara 60 to a Tesla Model S with wings.

Facebook may have Titan build up to 11,000 of the Solara 60’s, which will be available for commercial operation in 2015.

Analysts predict Facebook would benefit financially by attracting new users from the newly acquired internet access.

Google also has plans to bring the internet to everyone by using balloons instead of drones.

Why it matters: Having access to the internet is almost a necessity in today’s society, with everything being connected to the web in some way. The internet helps spread information faster and connects people all over the planet. Giving roughly 5 billion people access to the internet will help give them a leg up and hopefully make life a little easier.


Sources: TechcrunchAl Jazeera

– See original article at: Modern Viewpoint


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